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Construction Management Company in Florida

Well established, Florida Construction Project Management is owned and operated by Val Bogdan.

Mr. Bogdan has more than 25 years of experience in the construction field, with 14 of those years running a well-established contracting business in New York City, primarily engaged in high-rise construction projects. When Mr. Bogdan relocated his company to South Florida he realized the need for independent Project Managers in the Florida construction industry, as many clients were unsatisfied with simply working with a contractor or engineer.


South Florida Construction Project Management Company


As a result, Florida Construction Project Management focuses on supervision of construction projects, monitoring all times the activity of the engineers, contractors and sub contractors. In addition, being Certified by the State of Florida as an Unlimited General Contractor, Unlimited Electrical Contractor, Unlimited Air Conditioning (class A) Contractor, and Roofing Contractor, Val Bogdan is well aware that in Florida, all structures must adhere to certain guidelines such as their 40 year re-certification, which is often a very large and detailed project.

With all this in mind, Val Bogdan started FLCPM to provide security and confidence to his clients, with their best interests in mind and is there to protect them through every step of the project.

About the CEO of FLCPM - Construction & Renovation in Hollywood, Florida

Val Bogdan is a dynamic team leader who consistently motivates others towards success.  He possesses the necessary qualifications and experience to meet the challenges brought about by the revolutionary and ever evolving changes in the construction field. During all hisyears of experience, he directed all aspects of the company's policies, objectives and initiatives and was also responsible for programming, scheduling and monitoring of budgets.

In addition, being an Unlimited State Certified Licensed General, Electrical, Air Conditioning and Roofing Contractor, Mr. Bogdan was also responsible for organizing and planning all projects and made and enforced decisions to assure that major objectives, goals and deadlines were achieved. He also produced project status reports for clients, owners, architects and contractors.


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Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now and request a preliminary meeting at no charge, to discuss your current construction needs and objectives and to see how Florida Construction Project Management 's experienced managers can assist you with regard to your entire construction project please contact us at your convenience.

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Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now if you need construction project management, project supervision on constructions, consultants for construction projects, renovation consultants in Hollywood, Florida.

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