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An unreliable contractor can seriously damage your property, your budget, and your reputation between your peers. Everyone has heard about a "construction project from hell" but Florida Construction Project Management could avoid any “Mickey Mouse” job.

Once the budget has been established and the project has been approved Florida Construction Project Management, will be the investigator and the recruitment consultant. We have ways to find out if the contractors of your choice are reliable, honest, performant, and if he has a reputation of professionalism. You have to know if the contractor is licensed, and insured, and make sure he is carrying worker’s compensation insurance.


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If there are any home and design shows in town, buy a ticket. It's a good place to meet lots of contractors in one place. They should have portfolios that show off their previous work and they should be happy to offer general advice on your project. The question is who’s paying for it? It is inevitable that their over head expenses are greater, and be sure you will pay for that contractor to promote himself.

Not every contractor has the time or budget to attend these shows so check out publications like the Better Business Bureau's Consumer Guide, the websites of professional associations, the local chamber of commerce or even the local press. If a contractor is a member of any of these organizations or is a regular advertiser, it is a sign that they are well established.


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Narrow your choice down to three and invite them over to scope out the size and detail of the project. Every contractor on the short list should have a municipal license that allows them to work in the city. They should also be insured and have workers' compensation. Without it, you are liable for accidents that happen on the job, on your property.

Find out about their work crew and sub-contractors, starting dates, project length and potential levels of disruption. Depending on the scope of the work you may also need to discuss issues such as permits, surveys and architectural drawings.


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Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. All decision makers should be on the same page. They should also be able to offer advice about technical issues, design and technical choices, or material options.

When comparing quotes, don't just look at the price. Compare the quality of materials used, available warranties, procedures for rectifying damage, and choice of supplier etc. Call them back if you are unsure of anything.

Once you've made your choice, get two or three references and make sure you follow up. Ask about the quality of the work but also find out about the professionalism of the crew, whether they stayed on budget, annoyed the neighbors, or cleaned up after they left. Would they use the same contractor again? If work was done on the exterior of the building, have a look for yourself.


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Before any work starts, insist on a contract that clearly details the scope of the job and sets out the payment stages. HOA will have to provide a deposit up front (usually 5 to10 percent), but the other payments should be handed over according to the work done and materials purchased. Agree beforehand, what should happen if extra work is involved.

Florida Construction Project Management has built a net of reliable contractors we mostly deal with. We have to admit it is not an easy task.



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