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FLCPM's Vision

  • To become a leading construction management firm for commercial, residential, urban development and educational projects in Florida.


Florida Construction Project Management's Vision

Can help aid you with your construction project from beginning to end whether it be a new construction project or repairs to an already existing site. There are many facets that need to be addressed and Florida Construction Project Management will be there to handle them and take the burden and worry away.

This firm's sole purpose is to over see all your construction work and make sure the company and/or engineer you have hired is working in a diligent and cost effective manner and to your full expectations.


Construction Management Company in Florida, Construction Consultants in Florida


Florida Construction Project Management provides construction management consulting services to clients in Hollywood, Florida.

Our Construction Management Consulting services include:

  • Design team management (pre-construction services)
  • Programming and project feasibility analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Logistics and schedule management
  • Construction format advice
  • Construction management and oversight
  • Procurement Management


South Florida Project Management Consultants


For emergency situations, Florida Construction Project Management can provide immediate assistance. In some instances, we managed to get temporary repairs done free of charge to the home owners associations for the period preceding the beginning of the project. Our reputation and extensive experience in Hollywood, South Florida construction market made it possible.



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Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now and request a preliminary meeting at no charge, to discuss your current construction needs and objectives and to see how Florida Construction Project Management 's experienced managers can assist you with regard to your entire construction project please contact us at your convenience.

Call 954-445-0862 now

Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now if you need construction project management, project supervision on constructions, consultants for construction projects, renovation consultants in Hollywood, Florida.

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