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Building Constructions Management Company in Hollywood, Florida

Florida Construction Project Management is an unlimited state of Florida certified general contractor company qualified in project management for a variety of construction business, from new construction projects, renovations, remodeling, demotion, and all sorts of construction improvement.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers regardless of size, type, or circumstances of the job. We include all phases of renovations and constructions, including engineering and architectural plans to make sure the job will be done in accordance with National and Local Building Codes.

Florida Projects Management

Florida Construction Project Management uses a client-oriented construction project management approach. We apply this system to the management of scope, organization, quality control, cost and time. Through the life of a project, Florida Construction Project Management implements four major management functions:

  • Planning: Objectives; roles/responsibilities; milestone plan
  • Organizing: Define reporting and communication process
  • Implementing: Communication; delegation; coordination
  • Controlling: Report progress and variations; plan adjustment

Florida Construction Project Management client-oriented scope management transpires during all stages of the project. During Conceptual Development stage the scope is determining and documenting the best strategy in reaching the project objectives. This strategy makes available the Scope Statement of the project. As a baseline our Scope Statement usually include: project name, project charter, the project owners and stakeholders, the problem statement, the project goals and objectives, requirements, deliverables, milestones, cost estimates, project assumptions and risks and project acceptance criteria. During the next stage, Statement of Work we define the work activities, detailed requirements and pricing, standard regulatory terms and conditions. Scope Reporting stage is indispensable for scheduled status documenting.


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Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now if you need construction project management, project supervision on constructions, consultants for construction projects, renovation consultants in Hollywood, Florida.

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