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Florida Construction Project Management Services


Florida Construction Project Management Services is a construction project management company that concentrates in Hotel, Condominium, Office and other large building projects.

As a result of  the building boom, history of hurricanes, re-certification requirements of your local county and general need to update and maintain properties that are exposed to the South Florida elements, Florida Construction Project Management is a necessary cog  in the wheel of your construction team.

Florida Construction Project Management is an independent company. No affiliations with any contracting, architectural, or engineering companies.


South Florida Construction Management Company


This is a short list of services we can provide. Should something not be listed here please feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Perform an independent analysis of the scope of work required;
  • Prepare and send-out bid packages to prospective contractors and/or engineers;
  • Oversee all parties involved with the project to ensure that there are little if any cost overruns or bills for work the contractor or engineer claims to be hidden damage;
  • Monitor responses to the bid process and negotiate on your behalf with contractors and sub contractors to make sure you receive the best price possible;
  • Liaison between your project and the local municipality;
  • Verify licensure and insurance for any prospective contractors, and check for prior lawsuits and/or complaints about said contractor.
  • Review, correct, amend and/or prepare contract documents with the assistance of the owner and/or his counsel;
  • Review reports from the project's engineer, architect, foreman or building officials;
  • Upon project completion, ensure that all final contractor affidavits are in hand, the permits are closed, all sub-contractors are paid and that there are no liens placed against the property whatsoever;
  • Oversee all parties involved with the project to ensure that work is being performed timely and in accordance with the contract and manufacturer's recommendations;
  • Provide monthly progress reports;
  • Ensure that all Zoning and Building Codes are being followed in accordance with the local municipality to avoid additional project costs or delays.;
  • Ensure that final payments to all parties are not made unless and until the project is completed to the client's satisfaction;
  • Ensure the client's receipt of all warranty documents from the contractors and the manufacturers;


FLCPM Construction Supervisors: Projects  We Supervise


  • Major electrical repairs
  • Air Conditioning replacements and repairs
  • Roof Repairs and/or replacements
  • Shutter installation projects
  • Building painting and/or water proofing
  • Window replacement projects
  • Elevator replacement or repair projects
  • Emergency Back-up generator installation
  • Pool and pool deck resurfacing and repairs
  • Repairs to under ground and above ground parking structures
  • 40 year re-certifications and inspections
  • Balcony restoration
  • Street and parking lot re-pavements
  • Seawall and erosion concerns
  • Electrical Service upgrades


Call 954-983-1066 now

Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now and request a preliminary meeting at no charge, to discuss your current construction needs and objectives and to see how Florida Construction Project Management 's experienced managers can assist you with regard to your entire construction project please contact us at your convenience.

Call 954-445-0862 now

Call 954-983-1066/954-445-0862 now if you need construction project management, project supervision on constructions, consultants for construction projects, renovation consultants in Hollywood, Florida.

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